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I am grateful to Diana Suskind who started Stonework Play at HEMS School, Kathmandu, and explores the idea all over the globe.
It is amazing how it benefits modern lifestyle. Since the era of Kishna, Rama and Buddha, everyone learns from stone.
Diana inspires us to search such beauty of creation from a single stone. 

Suresh Bhatta, Education Diplomat for HEMS School, Kathmandu, Nepal


This was such an inspiring session...very simple but depth to your heart...sharing stories with stones and through stones....
THE way to EXPRESS yourself. Thank you so much. And the story behind how this class was fixed was equally interested.

Margo Mahakabi,  Dillibazar Kathmandu, Nepal

Stonework Play is a beautifully descriptive invitation and guide to work and play with stones. Stones, never fixed in their place or meaning, lay a perfect groundwork for artistic creation, and the ancient human art of storytelling. Readers of all ages, as well as those still being read to, will discover their innate artistic and storytelling abilities. Written with grace and beauty, Stonework Play appeals to children and adults alike, and facilitates collaboration between them.

Screen Shot 2020-06-24 at 3.19.12 PM.png

Works magically with all ages.
Thank you Diana for creating an activity which combines tactile connection with our earth, and quiet, thoughtful moments.

Lee Fernandez, Resources for Infant Educarers (RIE) Associate, Los Angeles, California

I truly thank you for all you are doing with the Stonework project. It is quite inspiring and I am confident that many participants find a new and different (and free) sense of self during the process of connecting with the stones. Hopefully
I will be able to help artists as much as you do, and that they benefit from their shared experience with the symposia. I think there is a lot I owe to the Artistic Community.

John Weidman, sculptor, co-founder and director, Andres Institute of Art

Left: John Weidman, the founder of Andres Institute of Art , graciously shared his insight in his construction and his rendition. during Stonework Play

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