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This was such a moving experience Diana which touched my soul. Thank you so much for guiding it and sharing your insights along with Nurtured Inspirations . It was a wonderful session. I’m so looking forward to the next one.
Michelle van Heugten, Workshop Participant

Stonework Play sessions are hands-on and interactive. Dr. Diana Suskind teaches the 5 Steps of Stonework Play, along with its pedagogical benefits, and the history of her discovery of stones as a teaching medium. Your experience will be deepened by viewing video clips of children and adults engaging in each of these steps, and inspiring stories depicting the impact Stonework Play has had for all ages and may have for you and your class. Previous Stonework Play workshop stories will also be shared. Stories and experiences portray its value; the impact Stonework Play can have on the body, mind, and spirit of children and adults alike.

Session 1: Stonework Play is introduced to participants addressing benefits and how it supports children’s well-being. Included is the history, pedagogy, and five step process of Stonework Play. After brief discussion of theory and application (including in emergency settings), the workshop  becomes hands-on. This session gives you the opportunity to experience the entire process together, and then take it into your own classroom and/or community in practice sessions.


Session 2: Participants return 2-3 weeks later - after implementing Stonework Play with students and/or friends and family - to share their findings. Included would be stone stories and renderings, and photos of stone constructions. Joys and concerns about the process are also shared,  naturally leading to insights, further discussion, and suggestions for continuing Stonework Play in the future. Practicing Stonework Play in various settings, using the Stonework Play companion book, and getting feedback from colleagues and Diana herself, is designed to allow an ease of process that, in turn, facilitates one's ability to lead others in the Stonework Play process. This is particularly helpful with children, who benefit from adult guidance to glean the most educational value from the structure of the Stonework Play  process. It is our hope that Stonework Play can help raise awareness of the learning potential of connecting with stones and the natural world.

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Once your booking is received, Diana will reach out to set up your event. 

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