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Stonework Play is a beautifully descriptive invitation and guide to work and play with stones. Stones, never fixed in their place or meaning, lay a perfect groundwork for artistic creation, and the ancient human art of storytelling. Readers of all ages, as well as those still being read to, will discover their innate artistic and storytelling abilities. Written with grace and beauty, Stonework Play appeals to children and adults alike, and facilitates collaboration between them. 


$30.00, U.S. shipping & handling included.

When I read Stonework Play (well it’s more like looking at a beautiful photograph and artwork album), I was enchanted and couldn’t put it down. It is gorgeous! The book is artistically put together, I loved that every page has beautiful photographs or artwork and the writing is conversational and engaging. I will share the book with friends and extended family and look forward to doing this together.
Mariah Williams, M.A. Ed.

"Diana Suskind is a kindred spirit. Her Stonework is a wonderful companion to my book, The Dot. She reminds us that nature has surrounded us with "dots.”Creative educators can help inspire kids to "connect the dots" - making hands-on, minds-on connections between math, art, story, and literacy-while building communication, creativity, and collaboration skills.”

Peter H. Reynolds 

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