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Dr. Diana Suskind is an international early childhood consultant, artist, and retired Professor at Fitchburg State University, MA. She has traveled extensively bringing fresh, creative learning ideas like Stonework Play to children throughout the world. Her book Stonework Play: A Guide to Inspire Creativity and Storytelling Through Nature guides this process. 

Diana developed Stonework Play in Nepal to inspire children to create meaningful stories through contact with nature. Supplies were scarce and Diana looked for inexpensive materials: stones were varied, abundant, and best of all free. "As I watched children make shapes and begin to tell stories I knew I had something special.”  

Stonework Play engages our senses and animates our imagination. The natural feel of stones in small hands inspires children to reveal what's important to them. Making use of what Diana has coined Tarry Time, Stonework Play slows us down, enhancing full and active engagement (now termed being present). 

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