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Stonework Play is an open invitation to all ages and backgrounds;
all you need is a basket of stones and imagination.
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First you need stones! Collect various shapes, weights and colors of stones. Select stones that interest you to create your unique story. Hold, feel, and sort them. Find a flat surface to work on, with plenty of space to be alone with your stones.

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"Gathering" by Diana Suskind


When you are happy with your stone construction, it is time to render. Rendering means drawing a picture that represents it. Using paper and pencil, render your Stonework Play creation. Pretend you are a camera and copy exactly what you see. Shading shows which stones are darker. Stones sit still for a long  time, so  please take your time!              

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When you are happy with your rendition it is time to narrate.That means to... Give your work a title, and write or dictate a story about your stones.


"Narrating" by Diana Suskind



When you are happy with your narration, or story, it is time to share. If you finish early, you may want to wonder about and see what others are doing.

When we are all finished, we do what we call a museum walk-and-talk. 
In a line, we all walk around the setting of Stonework Play silently, looking at each others’ work. 
 You may be surprised at what you find. We all started with stones, but look what we did with them! Are they the same? How is it like being in a museum?

Now we talk. First we decide who wants to share and when. We request volunteers. Who would like to go first? Participation is encouraged, but not required. (In a class, this will have been decided with your teacher during narration.)
 It is very important to be respectful during sharing.

As a group, we gather at one person’s work. We listen as each shares her story, and then anything more about her Stonework Play she wishes us to know. Others may learn from what you share, and you may learn from them. 


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"Sharing" by Diana Suskind



Once stones are gathered and sorted, and there is a place to work, we are ready to begin constructing. That means building. From an endless variety of stones, we find an infinite source of stories to create. From the endless variety of stones there is an infinite source of stories for the child to create. Arranging stones could mean laying them out in a pattern or a picture, and/or stacking them on top of each other. Please be quiet inside yourself. Each person will work independently at her or his own pace.

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"Constructing" by Diana Suskind

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